Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Videos – Day 2

Videos from Mobile Health 2012 at Stanford – May 17, 2012

Baby Steps to a Healthier Future

BJ Fogg, Stanford
Emily Knight & Melanie Stuckey, Westner University, Canada
David Kirchhoff, Weight Watchers International

Nike+ FuelBand Research Set

Linda Fogg Phillips, Family Health 360
Participants for the audience

The “Why” and “How” of Small Collaborations

BJ Fogg, Stanford
Leslie Ziegler, Rock Health
Ellen Levy, Silicon Valley Connect
Julia Hu, LARK

Bit by Bit: Improving Health Behavior

BJ Fogg, Stanford
Sarah Milstein, The Twitter Book
Richard Tate, HopeLab
Maria Ly, Skimble
Deborah Rozman, Quantum Intech & HearthMath

Getting Colleagues to Embrace Baby Steps

BJ Fogg, Stanford
John Lilly, Greylock Partners
Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics

Future of Baby Steps in Health Innovation

BJ Fogg, Stanford
Hemi Weingarten, Fooducate
Rajiv Kumar, ShapeUp
David Sobel, Kaiser Permanente
Tim Chang, Mayfield Fund