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The Persuasive Tech Lab looks at how mobile phones texting 4 health logo cell phone with stethoscopecan be platforms for persuasion. In particular we are interested in how mobile devices can be used to improve the health of everyday people. We focus on what is really working to change people’s health behaviors, right now.

Since 2007 we have been bringing together academics, government agencies, mobile vendors, and other private sector health organizations at conferences and workshops to share insights, resources, and best practices.

Mobile Persuasion was the beginning

Early in 2007 our lab organized the first Mobile Persuasion conference. We sold out the event. We then put together a book entitled Mobile Persuasion: 20 Perspectives on the Future of Behavior Change. This book has short, insightful chapters from over 20 authors.

Texting 4 Health came next

Extending our work on mobile persuasion, the lab also created and hosted an event with sponsorship from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, called “Texting 4 Health” in 2008. This was the first-ever conference about using SMS to promote health behavior. Again, we created an edited volume:Texting 4 Health: A Simple, Powerful Way to Change Lives. This book brings together the best ideas about texting and health in 15 easy-to-read chapters.

Mobile Health 2010 emphasized changing health behaviors

In 2010, we put on Mobile Health 2010: Using Mobile Technology to Change Health Behaviors with our co-hosts, Centers for Disease Control and Our intent was to feature the best insights into using mobile technology to improve health behavior. You can view presentations from the first day and the second day.

Mobile Health 2011 was about what really works

In 2011, the Persuasive Tech Lab and CDC hostedMobile Health 2011: What Really Works at Stanford University. With this event we brought together 400 people from grass roots and national health organizations, academics and mobile vendors for insights and sharing best practices.

Mobile Health 2012 — Let’s take baby steps for big change

In May 2012, the Persuasive Tech Lab hosted Mobile Health 2012: Baby Steps for Big Change. We took a slightly different angle in 2012. Why? Because this method — rapid baby steps — leads to success in three areas: behavior change, collaborations, and experience design. We realized that “baby steps” is an odd focus for an entire event. But we thought it was absolutely the right focus for 2012. The chronic problems in behavior change, collaborations, and product development have a common solution for innovators in Mobile health — and that solution is baby steps.

Mobile Health Project Team

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