Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Robert Pakter, MD, PillJogger, Inc.

CEO, PillJogger, Inc.

Robert founded PillJogger in early 2011, leaving the practice of medicine after nearly twenty-five years. Prior to becoming a full time entrepreneur, Robert was Chief of Radiology at Marin General Hospital in Marin County, California and subsequently Chief of Radiology at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.

PillJogger is a mobile medication adherence solution consisting of a server-backed application and a proprietary unit-dose delivery device, Medwheel. Free to users, the PillJogger application serves as a merchandising and marketing platform for sponsors to hyper-target to users’ specific interests and shopping behavior.

A serial inventor, Robert has designed multiple medical instruments including the Pakter Needle, manufactured worldwide by Cook Medical, Inc. for the diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions. He has also authored numerous papers in peer reviewed medical journals.

Robert graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the Johns Hopkins University and received his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He completed his Diagnostic Radiology residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he was on the Hospital Board and President of the Housestaff Association. He completed a fellowship in Body Imaging at Hopkins and was an NIH fellow in Cardiovascular and Interventional RAdiology at Stanford with Lewis Wexler, M.D.

Robert also founded a second start-up, Agora Health Networks, Inc. bringing price transparency and elasticity to specific services in health, beauty, and wellness. Its flagship product, will be live in spring 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area for spa and wellness services.


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