Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Rahim Fazal, Involver

Entrepreneur and Speaker
Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, Involver

Rahim Fazal considers it a person’s duty to always stretch personal limits and therefore grow as a human being. Certainly he has put that belief into practice throughout most of his life. At a young age, he is already a successful businessman, an MBA graduate, and a frequent and popular speaker.

Passionately willing to take calculated and essential risks in order to achieve his visions, Rahim quietly created an online business while still in high school, negotiated its sale during his Senior year, and then spent two years building a second company and ultimately taking it public. Most recently, Rahim completed his MBA at Canada’s top management school, the Richard Ivey School of Business. Because of his achievements, he was the youngest student in the school’s 80 year history accepted without a prerequisite university degree.

Rahim is a frequent and popular speaker to high school and college students across the US and Canada. He is also an advisor to the Extreme Entrepreneurship Education Corporation in New York City, an organization helping young people realize the value of pursuing entrepreneurship through education and outreach.

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