Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Presenter’s Slides: Day 2

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presentations are listed in the order they were given.

Mobile Apps for Better Health

Margaret Morris, Digital Health Group, Intel

Romain David, Lumos Labs

Kendra Markle, Kaiser Permanente, Persuasive Technology Lab, Stanford University

Peter Hudson, Healthagen

Mobile Solutions for Health Crises

Anne Meneghetti, Epocrates

Ann Aikin, CDC

Josh Nesbit, FrontlineSMS:Medic

Barriers to Progress in Mobile Health

Deborah Estrin, UCLA CS and CENS

Frederic Raab, UCSD

Joseph Smith, West Wireless Health Institute

Winston Wang, T-Mobile USA

The Best and the Boldest in Mobile Health

Erica Weirich, Josh Mailman, Global Health Research Foundation

Doug Keare, Vive

Ramin Bastani,

Bob Rees, Heartmath

Business Issues in Mobile Health

David Inns, Jitterbug by GreatCall

Jon Stross, BabyCenter

Deb Levine, ISIS

Next Steps in Mobile Health

Dave Marvit, Fujitsu Labs of America