Stanford Mobile Health 2012

James Currier, Jiff Inc.

Chairman, Jiff Inc.

James Currier is the Chairman of Jiff Inc, a modular communications framework for the healthcare industry. James is a serial consumer Internet entrepreneur who has turned his attention to healthcare. In 2008, James co-founded WonderHill, a social gaming company, which registered over 30 million people and was acquired in late 2010. In 1999, James founded Tickle, which became the world’s largest self-assessment company, registering 100 million people. Tickle became the 18th largest website in the world and was acquired by in 2004. James co-runs Ooga Labs, an investment and incubation company in Palo Alto. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter, Princeton and Harvard Business School. James serves on the Board of Directors of Linden Lab/SecondLife, and is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

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