Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Hemi Weingarten, Fooducate

CEO and Co-founder, Fooducate

Hemi Weingarten is a father of three young children, loving husband, and sworn foodie. He is also the founder and CEO of Fooducate.

Fooducate‘s goal is to help millions of people choose healthy, tasty, and affordable food, and to affect positive change on the food industry. the company’s tagline, “eat a bit better”, embodies the baby step approach to improving nutrition.

Fooducate’s free tools include a website, and iPhone and Android apps that enables consumers to automatically scan the barcodes of over 200,000 unique food products, and instantly see how nutritious they really are. Users can also see recommendations for healthier alternatives. Fooducate’s iPhone app was selected by Apple as the best health app of 2011.

Hemi started blogging as Fooducate a few years ago, following his puzzlement over the ingredients in a glow-in-the-dark yogurt his wife brought home for the kids. He researched and wrote about food labels and nutrition issues in short daily posts and grew the blog to over 250,000 monthly unique visitors. Sensing the huge demand for objective, concise, and actionable advice, Hemi assembled a team of programmers and nutrition experts to build the Fooducate tools.

Before Fooducate, Hemi worked for SanDisk, which acquired MDRM, a digital content distribution company he co-founded in 2002. Previously, he flew med-evac choppers for the air force.

Hemi holds a Computer Engineering degree and an MBA. He was born in Israel and raised in the NY tri-state area.

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