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Brian Dolan, MobiHealthNews

Editor, MobiHealthNews

Prior to founding MobiHealthNews with business partner Joe Maillie, Brian was a senior analyst with Boston-based research firm Yankee Group, where he led program development for the company’s Mobile Internet World event and helped craft the company’s publication development. Brian got his start in 2005 as editor of FierceWireless, a leading trade publication in the wireless industry. While at Fierce he helped develop a number of online webinars and live events’ programs and also founded publications covering mobile content and IPTV. Brian has spoken at a number of industry events including The Digital Health Summit @ CES, Everywhere Healthcare @ CTIA, Informa’s Mobile Healthcare Summit, The Telecom Council’s mHealth seminar, FOSE, and more. He has frequently served as an industry expert for newsradio and the consumer press. Feel free to contact him at

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