Stanford Mobile Health 2012

Bojan Bernard Bostjancic, Ph.D., Azumio Inc.

Co-founder, Azumio Inc.

In early nineties Bojan was a postdoc at CERN in Geneva when the Internet boom took him out of science into business. He sold his first Internet company to Siemens in 2002 and his second – a 4G wireless startup developing network infrastructure operating in the US, Europe and India – to Harris in 2009. Intrigued by the promise of streaming live mobile video to smart-phones, he co-founded LiveCLIQ in 2008, where he remains an active board member. A passionate kitesurfer, skier and biker, Bojan wants to redefine people’s attitudes towards health and wellness through innovative use of mobile apps. His latest company, Azumio, was founded in 2011. The extremely successful launch of Azumio’s first application, Instant Heart Rate, is proof the team is executing well against this vision.

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